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Our Vision, Aims and Values

Our vision

A strong and growing city, built on fairness.

Our purpose

Liverpool City Council exists to serve, safeguard and represent the interests of its citizens and communities and to ensure the provision of the best possible services for its residents.

Liverpool City Council is committed to making Liverpool a strong city through inclusive and sustainable growth, and building a fair city through breaking the cycle of deprivation, improving health and tackling poverty.

We will provide trusted leadership and deliver our vision through three enablers:

  • transforming our services by developing new ways of working that empower citizens and stakeholders to work alongside us to achieve our vision
  • investing our time, energy and resources on our priorities through a commercially minded approach to achieving outcomes
  • strengthening our partnership working across the city and the city region to ensure everyone is working to the same end of improving outcomes for our residents.

Our aims

1. Investing in our children and young people

All our children and young people enjoy the best possible quality of life and are able to reach their full potential.

2. People who live well and age well

Improve health and wellbeing for all, prevent ill health, promote independence and provide quality personalised care and support for those who need it.

3. Quality homes in thriving neighbourhoods

 All residents have access to quality housing and feel a sense of belonging and wellbeing living in a safe and sustainable neighbourhood.

4. A strong and inclusive economy

Growing an increasingly modern, productive, and fair economy where the benefits of growth are more equitably shared amongst all citizens.

5. A connected and accessible city with quality infrastructure

Smart, clean, accessible and integrated infrastructure that meets the needs of a modern and productive city and its residents.

6. Liverpool – the most exciting city in the UK

 Growing Liverpool’s reputation as a cultural and sporting capital and the most exciting city in the UK in which to live, visit, work, study and invest.

Our core values

We know that our workforce are our most important asset – their talent, skills, passion, knowledge and experience are central to all that we do and all that we will achieve. We employ nearly 5,000 local people (not including schools staff) who ensure that essential services are provided to nearly half a million people living in Liverpool.

We fully recognise and value their contribution and commitment to serving the citizens of Liverpool and we want our staff to understand the importance of their roles and to take pride in what they do, and in their council and their city.

We have a set of values and behaviours that our staff are expected to follow that will support how we work together as one team to deliver our vision and aims for the city. Our values reflect our culture and help to draw us together as an organisation. The values are underpinned by a set of behaviours, which govern our actions. How we do things is as important as what we do.

Can do, positive attitude

  • We lead by example.
  • We do everything we can with partners and local people to provide excellent services and secure great outcomes for Liverpool.
  • We are reliable and do what it takes to deliver.

Open minded to innovation, new ideas and technology

  • We look for new and better ways of doing things.
  • We are open to change and welcome new challenges.
  • We listen to other people’s ideas and welcome feedback

Respectful and accountable

  • We are open, honest and trustworthy.
  • We do the things we say we will do.
  • We treat all our customers and each other with respect and will challenge discrimination and inequality wherever we find it.

Enabling and supportive

  • We work collaboratively with others to achieve the best outcome.
  • We encourage and empower people to build on their own strengths and abilities to achieve their potential.
  • We take pride in our own and others’ achievements and celebrate success.